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Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses That Are Worth Investing

The wedding season is here! Your calendar must already be filled up with dates for weddings. Who doesn't love weddings? It is time to get together with friends and family to celebrate the union of two special people and also time to enjoy a sumptuous meal. Once the excitement of receiving invitations has died down, the next thing you asked yourself is what are you going to wear?

One of the best parts of attending a wedding is the opportunity to dress up and show off your unique personal style. It is natural to want to look your best while you do it. But it is not always easy to find a wedding guest dress you adore especially if you are on the curvy side. The important thing is to look fabulous and be comfortable. You would need to find a dress that is apt for a church ceremony and can take you to the dance floor. Finding the perfect dress, especially for curvy women used to be a little daunting in the past but today, there are many size-inclusive options that will flatter any body shape.

If you are stuck on what to wear to an upcoming wedding, here is a guide to help you find the right plus-size guest wedding dress. There are several features you should always look for in a wedding guest outfit such as the silhouette, neckline, and material. As an example, bright colors and lightweight material are ideal for summer weddings while black-tie winter weddings usually require floor-length dresses.

Flattering Dress Styles For Plus-Size Women

Below are some dress styles that are the most flattering dress for your curves and shopping a lot easier for you.

A-line dresses

The A-line dress style creates the impression of an hourglass shape. They usually feature a fitted top and torso and then flare out at the waist in a triangular shape just like the alphabet A. This dress style is highly flattering for women of all body shapes, especially plus-size women.

Empire Dresses

This dress style emphasizes the upper body rather than the lower body. It is gathered just below the bust instead of the natural waistline and is suitable for women with triangle, rectangle, or body types. The reason being is that it draws attention towards the top while draping nicely below the bust.

Straight Dresses

Straight dresses are comfortable and effortless, making them the ideal style for women who like a casual and cool style. This type of dress does not have a waistline and falls directly from the shoulders. Straight dresses are great for women whose shoulders are the same width as or wider than their waist. Rectangle and apple body shapes will look great in this dress style.

Wrap Dresses

Dresses with a wrap design or crossover in the front have a slimming effect. It draws away all the attention from the belly pooch and highlights the waist.

Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are best for highlighting curves, and they are perfect for people with hourglass figures because they hug the chest and the waist in the most flattering way.

Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses

There are many rules to follow when it comes to weddings. Some weddings call for dressy attire while there are some styles that should be avoided. In order to make it easier for you, here is a list of Ever Pretty plus size wedding guest dresses for every season and occasion.

Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses for Every Season

Spring / Summer Weddings

Spring / Summer weddings are usually held outdoors like garden weddings, semi-formal weddings, or beach weddings. The best choice is to go with a dreamy dress with a V-neckline. You may choose a short, midi length, or high and low dress style as it is a super fun look and gives the illusion of a slimmer fit. Consider the color of the season and the most appropriate hues would be pastels or any bright colors.

Fall Weddings

For fall weddings, darker color palettes like jewel tones and cozy fabrics are ideal. Be sure to look out for navy, burgundy, or green. This plus-size velvet dress will get you all the compliments at the wedding.

Winter Wedding

As a wedding guest at a winter wedding, fashion can be just as fun. It is important to look polished and classy while feeling comfortable. The perfect plus-size outfit will keep you warm, show off your unique style, and accentuate your curves, and the best dress that does all that is a wrap dress. It gives off a regal look that is perfect for a curvy woman.

Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses for Different Occasions

Cocktail Wedding

For a plus-size wedding guest, you may consider wearing a maxi dress or bodycon. A long maxi dress that is body-hugging is effortlessly elegant and shows off the curves. Be ready to receive lots of compliments wearing this dress.

Semi Formal Wedding

A midi dress or maxi dress is a good choice for a semi-formal wedding. Wearing a straight dress is elegant and creates a straight line which makes you look slimmer. A one-shoulder dress with a ruffled sleeve is a great option for a semi-formal ceremony. It draws attention to the asymmetrical neckline and away from the midsection.

Formal or Black Tie Weddings

If you are attending a wedding with the black-tie dress code, choose a formal floor-length dress that features glittering embellishments and a figure-flattering silhouette.

Wedding In A Church

For a conservative wedding such as a wedding held in a church or place of worship, you may choose a plus size A-line dress or a fit and flare maxi dress. Do make sure that the dress you pick out will have sleeves as well as conservative weddings call for slightly more modest attire. Besides offering arm coverage, a dress with sleeves is great to keep you warm especially if the wedding takes place during the colder months. It is best to avoid dress styles that are short, have plunging necklines, or have low backs.

What should you wear to a wedding if you don’t know the dress code?

Weddings are celebratory occasions and everyone looks forward to dress up for this function. In the event that you do not know the dress code, it is better to dress up in a semi-formal dress or cocktail dress. The color of the dress should be based on the season and the time of the wedding. For weddings in winter, opt for darker shades such as navy blue, red, burgundy, or grey. If the wedding is held during the day, you may go for neutral shades.

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