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Neutrogena Fashion Week Saver

This post is sponsored by Neutrogena

I love Fashion Week, especially here in New York, but another thing that I really love is to “recover from Fashion Week”!! Oh, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy this period of the year so much, going to fashion shows, events, presentations but I also enjoy getting myself back together starting the day with my beauty routine.

I’ve been using Neutrogena products for so long – since I was a “sweet” teenager.

Today, I used the Clay Mask to cleanse my skin after these crazy days, it felt so healthy and refreshed. I finally had a relaxing moment just for me and my beauty routine. The Gel Scrub, is perfect for every day, to remove all makeup and impurities. It left my skin feeling nice and soft. At the moment, I can’t live without it! The HydroBoost Serum is the last step of my beauty routine. I think for my dry skin it’s just perfect, it made my skin soft, hydrated, and energized. Plus, it’s so cute, I am obsessed with the packaging!

The best part is that Neutrogena is having a big promotion – maybe they know that Fashion Week is over and there are a lot of girls out there who need a break! You will buy one and get the other one with 50% off during this week and the week after.

And what about you? Don’t you love Neutrogena?

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