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LA Lady

♫ Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you’ll marry a music man Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand And now she’s in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my hand ♫

Jesus freaks out in the street Handing tickets out for God Turning back she just laughs The boulevard is not that bad ♫ Piano man he makes his stand In the auditorium Looking on she sings the songs The words she knows the tune she hums ♫

But oh how it feels so real Lying here with no one near Only you and you can hear me When I say softly slowly ♫

Hold me closer tiny dancer Count the headlights on the highway Lay me down in sheets of linen You had a busy day today  ♫  ♫

CLOTHES – SWEATSHIRT: H&M / JEANS: Abercrombie & Fitch /  SNEAKERS: KEDS ACCESSORIES – WATCH: Folli Follie/ BRACELET: Juliet & Company // BAG: Michael Kors by

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