• Camilla Sentuti

Behind The Gate

One of Summer must be surely lace and I think I made it pretty obvious by wearing this dress right here didn’t I? 🙂

A bright color that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. When I had to choose the color of this dress on Ax Paris, I thought to myself “I surely don’t want to get it in Black: it would be just one of the many black dresses hanging in my closet… let’s go for something way more daring!” and that’s when I went for this reddish color…Now that I actually think about it I do not really have that many black dresses inside my closet…maybe they are just a couple. When I said this exact same thing to my boyfriend he stared at me hopelessly trying to convince me “two” was actually a pretty good number but he just doesn’t get it, does he? Only you girls can see what I see and that translates in: there’s never something as too many dresses one can have 🙂 So in the end, even in black, it would have been perfect…what about you? which one is your favorite?

Tra i must di questa estate c’e’ sicuramente il pizzo e credo che nell’outfit di oggi questo concetto sia abbastanza chiaro! Un colore vivace e che non passa certo inosservato, ma quando ho dovuto scegliere il colore di questo vestito su Ax Paris, ho pensato… Beh, nero e’ il “classico vestito nero”! e ora che ci penso ho davvero pochi vestiti neri, giusto un paio… Anche se quando ho detto questa frase al mio ragazzo mi ha incerita con lo sguardo, cercando di convincervi che “due” era un buon numero, ma tanto solo voi donnine potete capirmi, non ne abbiamo mai abbastanza 🙂  Comunque sia ripensandoci anche nero sarebbe stato perfetto, e voi che ne pensate?


Accessories: IN PINK Rose Gold Bracelet; IN PINK Bracelet; ACCESSORIZE Clutch; CHANEL Earrings;