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Finally Back In Rome

Finally I am back in Rome, to enjoy some of this summer vacation here “at home”. It’s always good to come back here in Rome. Life is completely different from the New York ones and definitely more relaxing! Here are some pictures from an afternoon spent with my dearest friends, to chat about almost everything in one of my favorite […]


Memories From Rome

I shot these pictures during my last trip in Italy but then I completely forgot them in my computer until today! This is the kind of look I love to wear, it’s really girlish but comfy and simple at the same time! I matched this plissé skirt with a light-blue lace top and a pair of simple black flat by […]


Back To My Teen Age Years

If when I was ten somebody had told me that one day during my 26th year of life I would have gone to the Backstreet Boys concert in New York and then to the After Party right after that, I would have never believed it. And, instead, sometimes things happen when you expect them the least and they end up being the most amazing experiences of our lives. So […]


New York Flashback

Guess where I am writing from? Directly from “home”, and for “home”, that is Italy! Although if I have lived in New York for the past 3 years now, like all those people who live abroad I can’t forget or get rid of my own origins… I’ll be in Rome for a month more or less and I have to admit […]


Around The West Village

I took these pictures Saturday afternoon during a walk in the West Village. I found this super cute café and it was perfect as the location for this shooting 🙂 At night I went to a 70’s inspired party in the heart of Washington Heights, and of course my look was completely different! A very dynamic night that totally changed […]

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