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My Maybelline Beauty Obsession

Ok, I admit it. Applying eyeliner is not the easiest thing to do when it comes to make-up. Even though I have 8 years of experience (yes, that’s right, I’ve put my makeup on the exact same way for ages), I still go wrong. Here I am, standing in front of the mirror, maybe when I am in a hurry […]


Travel With Pinktrotters: At Ftelia

Third day spent in Mykonos with the Pinktrotters team at Ftelia. Along with other girls at the villa we went to a very cool club right on the beach. After a long ride on the quads, and after I managed to crash myself against a little wall right close to the villa (you can watch the video on my Instagram […]


Glamgerous For Refinery29 & Maybelline NY

Lipsticks are one of those things I just can’t live without. Somehow, over time, I have put together quite an extensive collection. You wouldn’t believe how many red lipsticks I own, nor the number of nude ones I possess. Not to mention all those other weird colors like orange, burgundy and so on. Long story short I got tons of […]