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Lip-Liner Obsession Thanks To Maybelline NY

When it comes to make-up there are a few things I can’t live without. Lipsticks are one of these. You wouldn’t believe how many lipsticks I have in my beauty case. Somehow, over time, I have built up quite an extensive collection. I think I own at least 10 reds, 15 nudes, not to mention all those other daring colors […]


Backstage Session

CLOTHES: DRESS 1 (Cream): Little Misstress // DRESS 2 (Black): Asos // HEELS: Sarenza // ACCESSORIES: EARRINGS: H&M // PHOTO By: Stefano Stefanelli // MUA: Roberta Nenni //


How To: TEMPTU AirBrush System

When I see editorials, fashion magazines, newspapers or when I simply look at pictures of red carpet celebrities with flawless skin  I wonder what their secret is. Sometimes Photoshop helps, but when it comes to a red carpet event how do these people manage to look so perfect? I was contacted by the Temptu team and I found out about […]


Diego dalla Palma New Make-up Collection

What can make a woman happier than a full box of make-up just delivered directly at her house? If we are talking of the new Diego dalla Palma Make-up collection there’s really nothing else in the world that a woman could desire! And the question comes up naturally…. “How could I live until now without this wonderful products in my […]


Lancóme Beauty Products

Make-up is one of the many things I can’t resist. Especially lipsticks. I think I own at least one hundred, between glosses and mats, and I keep buying more every week because every time I believe “I finally found the perfect shade”. You can easily imagine the expression on my face when I saw all this amazing Lancóme products. Among […]

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