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Rose Quartz

It’s no longer a secret that floral prints are one of my favorite fashion obsessions. No matter if it’s skirts, dresses or shoes, as long as there are flowers I am a happy girl. This time I decided for a super long dress, comfy sneakers and two buns on my head that are perfect for this crazy hot weather in […]


Olive Is The New Black

Almost two and half months has passed since I came back to New York, do you remember when I told you that I pressed the “delete” button on my life and decided to rewrite everything from scratch? Exactly, many things have happened since that infamous post and only now I can tell you that sometimes life can take unwanted and […]


Last Days In Rome #pensapulito

Have you ever tried to understand all those things that happen in your mind at once, click on “restart”  and start over from the beginning? That’s exactly what I just did. I pulled out that suitcase I had left in my basement for almost an year and half, with the promise I would go back to New York as soon as […]


A Customize Striped Dress

I am obsessed with long dresses and the one I am wearing in today’s post in one of the best! I found it on eShakti  an online store where you can actually customize everything! You can design the model of the item you love by choosing model, size ( your exacting measurements!) and color!!I had so much fun with it and […]


The Yellow Dress

I think rooftops in New York are one of the best places to take pictures. The view from the top is outstanding, it leaves me completely breathless. I almost forgot how much I love this city… I wore this long yellow dress from Jay Godfrey and for a second I was feeling like a princess… I hope you like the […]

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