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Happy Christmas Eve!

Family day and classic italian dinners and lunches, here is how I’ll spend my Christmas Eve! I wish you a Merry Christmas, Camilla   Giornata in famiglia e classici pranzi e cene all’italiana ecco come passero’ questi giorni di festa! Vi auguro una splendida Vigilia a tutti, Camilla  FOREVER21 Sweater; SKINNY BITCH Skirt; ZARA Blazer; MARGIELA For H&M Boots; For […]


Hello Miami!

First day in the cyty ” where the heat is on” and i am already sun burnt from head to toes and semiparalyzed on my bed! I admit it, i definitely underestimated the power of the Miami sun rays. Camilla’s disadventures aside, I leave you with these shots taken at the Miami.airport right after I landed. The skirt I am […]

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