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What To Wear During The Holiday Season

What to wear during the holiday season? Just like anything else, Christmas holidays have their own “dress code” like I love to call it. I personally use these days to rock some of the things I wouldn’t otherwise wear on a regular occasion. Below are a few of the things I like to put on to celebrate the holidays: Cosa […]


Relax In Tuscany

Second day in Tuscany spent in total relax by diving repeatedly into the swimming pool, playing card games and having big lunches and dinners in the old good Italian way. At this point I’m pretty sure I will be coming back to New York rolling over myself. I’m on vacation though and everything is allowed (at least for the moment). Today’s […]


Kissing 2012 Goodbye

  A new year’s eve spent in Siena at a friends’ house eating just a bit too much and playing with cards until the sun came up. This is how we paid our homage to the year we left behind. It’s been a rough, tough, and at the same time beautiful year but I strongly hope this upcoming 2013 will […]


A Sweet Christmas

Here is my Christmas Eve look. Obviously my red dress is the real protagonist, this time I matched it with brown and cream accessories.A family dinner even though this year, the super cute, Chloe puppies were the center of attention from everybody! Are they adorable? I can’t stop myself to cuddle them every second! NYE is arriving, do you already […]


Red Roses

Here is another look from Italy. I always wear something red during Christmas and I think it’s really the “Holiday’s dress code”! Soon I’ll publish my Christmas Eve look!   Ecco un altro look direttamente dall’Italia. SOlitamente cerco sempre di indossare qualcosa di rosso durante Natale, fa davvero “Clima di festa”! A breve pubblichero’ anche il look della mia Vigilia! […]

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