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Memories From Rome

I shot these pictures during my last trip in Italy but then I completely forgot them in my computer until today! This is the kind of look I love to wear, it’s really girlish but comfy and simple at the same time! I matched this plissé skirt with a light-blue lace top and a pair of simple black flat by […]


It’s All About Hair

Finally, after almost six months, I made up my mind and decided to go to my favorite hairdresser in Manhattan to retouch my color. The patient and skillful Mary at Arrojo took me under her care and fixed my current hombre hair by adding a few drops of blonde here and there and revive the my tonalities in the best […]


In A So Fab Shoes

I have lived in this neighborhood for more than three years by now and I swear, I never saw this huge church located a couple of blocks from my apartment. Ok… I admit, I’m not the kind of girl who goes to church every Sunday but hey! One would think I’d have my own neighborhood figured out by now… Well, that’s me: constantly […]