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Cinderella In New York ♥

It’s not always easy to find the right location to take some outfit pictures…this time though everything was easier than usual. All it took was getting out the house door and notice that the entrance to the rooftop was left wide open to decide that would have been the perfect spot to show this outfit! The view is outstanding don’t […]


Bloggers Reunion!

The city that never sleeps gets even more beautiful when you walk its streets with the people you care for. Today in fact I spent the whole Sunday with Nicoletta and Irene who just arrived in town and will be staying here for a few more days. Needless to say our day was totally devoted to chatting and shopping. After […]


My Very Special B-Day

Yesterday I spent my birthday in a way I would have never expected. Maybe it’s because I’m in NYC, maybe it’s because I got a wonderful BF which completely overwhelmed me wth attentions but this November 18, 2011 will surely be hard to forget!  Everything started with the smell of warm pancakes to wake me up, a giant bunch of […]


Under The Yellow Tree

I always thought summer and spring were the best seasons of the year…but ever since I Moved to NYC I completely changed my mind, Fall has something so special about it that literally ends up conquering you with all its colors and breathtaking views. I took these pictures under a gian tree in Central Park full of yellow leaves where […]


In The Name Of Friendship

Today’s post is dedicated to friendship. Being here in NYC reminds me of how much I miss my old friends…those I grew up with and those I got to know thanks to my blog. I keep in constant contact with all of them but spendind an afternoon with them just chatting, going to do some shopping and hanging out together […]

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