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Waiting For Holidays

I was wearing: CLOTHES – SWEATER: OldNavy //JEANS: Zara  // ACCESSORIES – BOW: Gina Made It // BOOTS: Kamik by Zappos // 


A Veil On My Beanie

One of the things I wore the most last winter is this beanie with veil, naturally I have been wearing it non-stop this year too! I decided to buy many different-colored veils and I promised myself to sew them to all of my beanies. Of course this never happened, I’m just too lazy! I created this total black look and […]


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all of you! Buone Feste a tutti, anche da parte di questi due mostriciattoli che non riesco a fare a meno di reimpire di baci!!!   ZARA Dress and Necklace;


What To Wear During The Holiday Season

What to wear during the holiday season? Just like anything else, Christmas holidays have their own “dress code” like I love to call it. I personally use these days to rock some of the things I wouldn’t otherwise wear on a regular occasion. Below are a few of the things I like to put on to celebrate the holidays: Cosa […]


Looking For The Christmas Tree

I am home. I’m always happy every time I go back to Rome to celebrate the holidays with  friends and family. I deeply love New York and I think it’s one of the best cities in the world, but coming back home is always great. In today’s post I looked for the perfect Christmas tree, that we happily decorated in […]

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