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Snow Over Snow

  I was wearing: CLOTHES – SWEATER: Banana Republic // COAT: Oasis // SKIRT: Zara //   ACCESSORIES – HAT: H&M // BOW TIE: Gina Made It // BAG: Moschino // TIGHTS: Calzedonia // BOOTS: RocketDog //


First Look of 2017 #HappyNewYear

First Look of The Year. I was wearing: CLOTHES – SHIRT: Romwe //SKIRT: H&M  // COAT: Oasis // ACCESSORIES – BOW: Gina Made It // BAG: Chanel // TIGHTS: Calzedonia //   


My Uni Days

Let’s be honest, September has never been among the most popular months of the calendar: between the ending of the summer holidays, having to go back to school and the beginning of the winter season (especially for me since I live in New York and if I could I’ll skip this period completely) there’s really nothing to be happy about. […]


500 Cars

Only in Italy you can run into a bunch of colorful 500 cars whole strolling in Rome. I loved this car parade and decided to take some pics with an adorable pink car! Isn’t it supercute? Today’s look is very simple, I wore a mini black skirt, a crop top and tights with bows. I hope you guys had a […]


Like A Man

“In love, love, love, love You gotta act like a woman And think like a a man Why you call me your dream bed And foolish of me I believe that You said every king needs his queen babe That’s why you needed me baby Right in between lust and love You go and mess things up but Now there’s […]

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