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Let’s Customize!

I have a real passion for anything I can customize, actually, it’s more than a passion I would call it almost an obsession. Besides having a necklace with my name on it since I was 18, a denim jacket with my name printed on the back, I even own a pair of shoes with my initials on it. And….I am […]


Wear Your Art With Art&t

Back in Rome, for now (I will come back to New York very soon!!), I am so happy because the weather here is still warm and nice compared to NY! My country is one of the best places where I love to spend Summer vacations. I am writing from here and recently I am obsessed with this super comfy white shirt by ART&t. Its fabric […]



After 5 days in bed with the flu, warm blankets, orange juice and my Whatsapp rants through vocal messages to friends, I finally feel better and I am back. I posted really little this week because I had a total repulsion towards technology and it felt amazing 🙂 Joking aside, today I’m posting a look from last week – when […]


On The Run

Who wants that perfect love story any way, anywayCliché, cliché, cliché, clichéWho wants that hero love that saves the day, anywayCliché, cliché, cliché, clichéWhat about the bad guy goes good, yeahAn innocent love un-misunderstood, yeahBlack hour glass, hour glassToast to cliché is in a dark pastToast to cliché is in a dark past … I don’t care if we on […]


Through The Streets Of Rome

An afternoon spent wandering through the narrow streets of Rome and, seriously, I just forgot how beautiful my city is, I was speechless. A simple look with a pair of long and soft pants, a black shirt and a pair of Celine sunglasses that turn out to be really useful when you want to hide your mood.  Un pomeriggio passato a girovagare per […]

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