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When In Brooklyn

I wanted to take unusual pics this time… in a completely different area of New York, or at least a different area from the scenes I usually capture in my blog! This is why I thought Bushwick in Brooklyn could offer an edgy style: graffiti, colored murals, and giant warehouses at every corner. Great! Exactly what I was looking for! […]


What’s in my bag: #TryDry

I believe every girl hides a secret world in her purse, it’s an orderly chaos. In my purse I have every type of thing, and when I say “every type of thing” I mean it! I am the kind of girl who spends hours digging in thousand of useless little things when looking for keys. Lipsticks, candy, bobby pins, elastic […]


Green Light

“Over-The-Knee boots have been around forever but they have just grown in popularity in the last 2/3 years; they are totally glam and trendy and can even be worn instead of tights. The only advice I wanna give you is to be careful when choosing the model that fits you the best…” Ultimately I feel there are 7 models in […]


A Denim Dress

CLOTHES: DRESS: Bella Dahl // SNEAKERS: Converse // ACCESSORIES: BAG: Michael Kors by Sarenza // NECKLACE: Bloo // WATCH: RumbaTime //  


Children Of The Wild

“We are children of the wild, we take our chance to face the fall Go on and on and on, to chase our shadows of the wall As children of the wild we make our choices on our own Our path is full of fear, but must be taken all alone As are children of the wild, we take our […]

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