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Wear Your Art With Art&t

Back in Rome, for now (I will come back to New York very soon!!), I am so happy because the weather here is still warm and nice compared to NY! My country is one of the best places where I love to spend Summer vacations. I am writing from here and recently I am obsessed with this super comfy white shirt by ART&t. Its fabric […]


Roman Graffiti

Walking in the streets of Rome, I found what I can easily consider a piece of modern art. A whole building full of colorful graffiti… It left me speechless. I took the pictures of today’s super sporty look here, in a magic place in Rome which doesn’t feel like anything I’ve lived before. Maybe, in the end, Rome and New […]


Fashion My Fashion

 Taken over by a raptus of maniacal order – and trust me when I tell you it is a VERY rare occasion – and exhausted by the view of the chaos that was ruling over my wardrobes, drawers, shelves and other containers of different shape, type, gender and purpose, I finally rolled up my sleeves and made up my mind. […]