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The Smart Purse

  A super warm look, to fight the cold of the city. I really want to know the secret of all the fashionistas: how can they go out during Fashion Week wearing sandals, no tights and sometimes even without coats! I think there isn’t a real secret, they simply can stand cold better that me. I am the one walking […]


Coke, Converse & Pink Lace

  Coke, Converse shoes at my feet and a pink floral skirt. Just a few of the things I like the most all in outfit. When I got this skirt I could either match it with killer heels or – and it’s the case of today’s look – combine it with a pair of sneakers to create a more casual […]


All The Love You Need

Nothing better than a walk in DUMBO to spend my Sunday evening with my significant other, my mum and little brother and my partner in crime – Francesca. I just love the detail of this dress with embroidered rhinestones around the neck. The print and colors are also perfectly in line with my tastes. New York downtown in the background […]


Little Obsessions

  Everyone has its things he or she can’t just give up on. The same is true when it comes to fashion and personal style. I for instance have always loved wearing pink despite the fact that it’s a color that hardly goes well with everything. Growing up I had to give up at least in part to my pink […]


Roman Mojito

A new year is about to start. Are you ready? I am not at all. As a matter of fact I am still stuck in 2012 which has literally flown. So much has changed, first and above all myself, my life and another million little things but the people that are close to me are always a few and the […]

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