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Miami SwimWeek 2016 Day 1

Finally here are the pictures of my first day of Miami SwimWeek I attended last week! It was my very first time and I l love it! I went to see so many shows and presentations like Robb & Lulu, Mikoh and 6 Shore Road. The first one was super colorful, the Mikoh presentation was bold and sexy and I […]


Addicted To Chocolate

Sometimes I wonder when exactly it was that I became so addicted to chocolate. I literally can’t resist anything that has chocolate in it—especially ice cream. When I eat chocolate ice cream, it makes me feel like I am a little girl again: I get so happy and peaceful. So, imagine my reaction when I discovered that July is National Ice Cream month! From now on, I’ve decided that July is my favorite month! To celebrate […]


New York, New York

Here are some pictures I shot with my beloved GoPro 4 when I was in New York last month. Everytime I saw them I love this city more and more…. Can it be so damn awesome?! Ecco qualche foto che ho scattato con la mia amata GoPro 4 quando sono stata a New York lo scorso mese. Ogni volta che le vedo amo […]


A Rafting Adventure

Today I decided to show you a completely different version of me, the one you never saw. No heels, no accessories, no make up and all those little things you saw on my blog everyday. The truth is that this is also a part of my personality and when they offered me the chance to take part in a Rafting […]


Back To Casual

A completely different look from the last one I posted. I love changing completely my style, especially on the blog. I went from a floral skirt to a super sporty outfit like this one. I chose one of the locations I love the most: graffiti! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! Un look completamente diverso dall’ultimo che ho […]

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