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Holiday gift giving and beauty trends with Elizabeth Arden

Holidays are coming and one of my favorite things is creating looks that focus on make-up. Usually, during Christmas time, I can’t stop myself from buying lipsticks in every shade of red. Don’t believe anyone who says “it’s-just-a-red-lipstick”. There are so many shades of red, that only someone as obsessed as me would understand! My latest addiction are the new […]



My rooftop is my favorite hiding place in the city and although the weather is disappointing New Yorkers these days, I still love to up there to lose myself in the city lights. Every time I get a little sad or lonely I go to my rooftop, I find it relaxing and interesting at the same time. One time, I […]


A Red B-day

Last Tuesday I celebrated my fourth birthday in New York City. Yup… I am getting older and it’s actually a lot of fun: nobody asks for my ID when I go out, I am independent, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and… ah!!! Stop lying to yourself Camilla! It’s one more year, ! I’d love to time […]


Bombs Away

New York has got so cold in the last couple of days it’s unbelievable. That’s why I decided to wear this military-style outfit with a pair of CAT high boots which will accompany you in each and every one of your “daily battles”…mine as you already probably figured, is against the cold! I added to the look a few accessories […]


The Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriends jeans are a must-have but the ones I am wearing today, from Silver Jeans, are a very special. The model is called Joga and it feels like wearig sweatpants… soft and warm they are just perfect to fight NYC’s cold. I matched them with a multicolored scarf from La Fiorentina, Celine sunnies and a pair of blue decolté.  I […]

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