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Time To Leave

I shot these pictures a few days before leaving for Italy: a super comfy outfit to face the never-ending 9-hour flight and my new trolley from the Natalia Joos collection created by Kipling. She is the writer of “Tales of Endearment” and one of the most stylish women of the moment. After numerous boring and mono-color trolleys, I finally managed […]


Back To My Teen Age Years

If when I was ten somebody had told me that one day during my 26th year of life I would have gone to the Backstreet Boys concert in New York and then to the After Party right after that, I would have never believed it. And, instead, sometimes things happen when you expect them the least and they end up being the most amazing experiences of our lives. So […]


Once Upon A Time

Do you know the TV show “Once Upon A Time”? The one where all the Disney characters take life and their stories get all mixed together in one giant movie divided in episodes? I saw all the series and it was like I realized my little girl dream, suddenly all of my favorite cartoons characters were real 🙂 And if […]


Glamgerous for Eluxe: Fluent In Fashion

Here is another look with one of the t-shirts from my #ConnectedCollection with Eluxe. When I came up with the idea for this tee I thought I wanted something fun and original, and so I ended up with the catch phrase you can see on my t-shirt. This time. I created a very simple look: a total black which I rarely […]


When In Mykonos

When I go back to Italy I always rummage in my mum’s closet to look for something vintage to take back with me to New York. This time I found a lot of things, starting from this floral mini skirt which I matched with a plain white peplum top for a walk in Mykonos. I hope you like the pictures […]

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