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Snoopy Dog

After a really bad cold weather that seemed to be never ending, now the rain’s come…Spring really doesn’t seem to want to arrive this year…I took these pictures in a very short moment of  “weather truce” when the temperature raised a little and I felt brave enough to try to wear a spring look, all kind courtesy of Fay. I […]


At Starbucks

One of the things I love the most about New York is that you can wear whatever and wherever you like and most probably no one is gonna care about it. For instance, I decided to shoot today’s look inside a Starbucks due to the unbearable cold that hit the city and nobody raised an eyebrow! Spring just doesn’t feel […]


A Rainbow Necklace

A multicolor necklace that I tried to wear in the simplest of ways together with a pair of skinny jeans and a white shirt I stole from my boyfriend ‘s closet and that it’s practically become mine now 😉 To tell you the truth, the reason why my boyfriend decided to give it to me is because while I was […]


Red Is All You Need

I wore this look for a night out with my friends. We had dinner in a Spanish restaurant in the West Village, then drinks in a latin club and we called the night dancing until the morning. I’m not the typical party-girl but, I think, sometimes it’s surely the best way to end the week! Not to mention we singed […]


American Drive In

A look shot on the run right outside of the street of my new apartment. Matt and I found this car in perfect American style and we thought it could serve as a great background for these pictures. Light pink sweater, burgundy skinny pants and a new necklace I spotted in the new H&M store in Times Square which I […]

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