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Zebra Inclination

Finally Black Friday has arrived, and I already forsee a long day of shopping around the many malls here in New Jersey, where I have come to spend a few days and where I will stay until the weekend. Meanwhile, before telling you about my first Thanksgiving ever spent with an authentic American family, here is a black and white […]


All You Need To Know About Thanksgiving

Mi sono sempre chiesta come mai gli americani celebrassero due feste cosí importanti, come il Thanksgiving e il Natale, a cosi poca distanza l’una dall’altra. Ovviamente dopo quasi tre anni che vivo negli US ancora non so darmi una risposta, in compenso, quest’anno mi troveró a festeggiare il giorno del Ringraziamento in perfetto stile Americano. Io e Matt siamo infatti […]


Look Of The Week: Another Total Black

It would seem this is the season to wear beanies with netting, and although I had bought all the necessary things to make both a black and a white beanie for myself, I never ended up making any. So, when a few days ago I found this one in a store, I just couldn’t resist and bought it. The only […]


Just A Matter Of Friendship

Sometimess I can’t help but think I never showed entirely myself here Glamgerous. The person Matt claims to be a bit filterless at times and who speaks her mind no matter what, like for instance, telling one of her best girlfriends that her boyfriend is a total idiot with no hesitation. What can I say? When it’s my friends we […]


In A Pair Of Abercrombie & Fitch Floral Pants

I can still remember when some years ago me and Matt came to New York together for the first time. We arrived here during Christmas time, when the city is overwhelmed of lights and colors and a simple walk on 5th Avenue can turn into an unforgettable and magic experience. Besides buying tons of Christmas presents, I can remember the […]

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