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Ready? Go!

One thing I really miss about my life in Italy is being able to drive around as I please while the music plays in the background through the speakers of my car and I am immersed in a million thoughts. In these pictures I decided to temporarily take ownership of this cute vespa as it weirdly matched the ensemble I […]


Red Bow On Madison Ave

  If all weekends were long three days the world would certainly be a better place by now…especially in a city like New York where everybody’s running and constantly stressed 24/7. That said, I pretty much enjoyed this little bit of extra time by taking care of myself. I did a few damages here and there in the Upper East […]


A Memorial Weekend

  Memorial Day weekend: for an Italian girl living in New York it basically means three totally unexpected days of pure relax and fun. In fact, although I have been living in the Big Apple for almost two years now, the American festivities are still something I struggle to remember. Today’s look is really colorful one, skirt by a thousand […]


Just A Line Of Red Lipstick

  Sometimes you just need a drop of red lipstick, a pearl belt, your favorite heels and my trustworthy Chanel matchable and wearable with basically everything. The outfit today is all about the dress, which is kind courtesy of BCBG. To complete the ensemble a pair of OJour heels at my feet which are probably one of the most particular […]



 I have always liked superheroes, even if I never read a single comic book in my entire life. Spiderman and Batman are absolutely my favorites. The first is a bit of a weirdo with charm, while the second one is the coolest of billionaires you may find around. These pictures have a bit of a comics hint to them, although […]

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