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Back to 1920

Here I am in a complete different version. A new me who can barely recognize herself in the mirror. Short and culy hair, without my trustworthy eye-liner and a super dark lipstick to interpret this 20’s look. The shooting was for Refinery29 and an ultra iconic brand all women on earth love…more details to come in a few weeks. Those […]


Scent of Spring

 A geometric look to welcome the Spring that it seems just arrived, or at least I hope so! I remind you that you are still in time to vote for me for the Vanity Fair Best Dressed contest and thanks so much to those of you who already did it. Smack! Un outfit dalle fantasie geometriche per dare il benvenuto […]


Just A Coat

 And yes, as you can see from the the pictures, I’m still wearing a coat even if we are almost in May! Unfortunately the weather here in New York isn’t warm as it supposed to be but I want Spring so bad that I decided to say goodbye to tights…. It’s like my protest against this endless winter!    Ebbene […]


Balloons Dream

Take one of your bestest friends, a dozen balloons, a colorful dress and a Park Avenue ready for the arrival of spring and you will have the perfect ingredients for a very fun photoshoot. Although as always there have been a few “inconveniences”. Like the end of a service in the church right in front where we were shooting, the […]


Coffee Addiction

I never liked coffee. In Italy they all say “Let’s go grab a coffee” and I always have to get a stupid orange juice. I tried everything, even the one with whip cream and cocoa on it but nothing, still too bitter…even with three bags of sugar. Undrinkable. The thing is that I wanted to drink coffee. I mean it’s […]

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