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Quiksilver Night

  These pair of David Kahn jeans was one of those thing I meant to wear for so long but that due to the alien summer heat of the city I had to jealously keep in a corner of my wardrobe while waiting for better times to come around. And around they indeed came! I don’t know if they can […]


September Mornings

Summer’s almost over and here in New York the air has already freshen up, washing away the unbearable heat of this summer and bringing that deeply nostalgic weather that is so typical of the month of September. I don’t know why but every single year I get a little bit sad by this pale sun and this surreal atmosphere that […]


Good Girl ♥

Today I went for a “good girl” look. Diamond headband, skirt with embroideries and a white collar as finishing touch. This was actually the look I wore on Friday night for a dinner at Dopo Teatro – a very pretty restaurant in the Upper East Side area – with the Socialyte staff. I tried to contain myself without breaking the […]


Leblon Video: DIY Cocktail

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  Last week I had the pleasure to partecipate to a video shoot for the brand Leblon. Along with Jenni, Christina, Donna, Nicole and Sarah we had lots of fun making exotic cocktails that not only looked good but with a delicious taste. Who knows me well, knows that the most alcoholic cocktail I can drink is a boring grape […]


Welcome To Cape Elizabeth

  As soon we leave some of that bostonian magical atmosphere behind ourselves we start heading towards Maine, where we have spent a few days among uncontamined nature and cute little towns that remind you of Dawson’s Creek’s Capeside or those from those tearjerker movies I like to watch so much.   When I start reminiscing about the past I […]

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