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On The Ocean

  I just came back in New York yesterday but befire updating you with new looks from the the big apple I still have some Miami sun to show you! These pictures were taken on one of the first days I spent at the beach, before the hurricane betsy, becky or whatever its name is decided to ruin all of […]


The Scent Of Peaches

  Florida is spoiling me. If it’s the beach and ocean to make you fall in love in Miami, pure and plain fun is what steals your heart in Orlando. There are so many theme parks that one month Would not be enough to see them all! I, on the other hand, would rather stay for an undetermined period of […]


Under The Sun Of Miami

Unfortunately I kinda dissappeared from the web lately but the truth is this vacation has taken over me and it is definitely a positive thing! After leaving Miami we headed to Orlando where I am currently visiting any kind of park available. I am a total kid, and I know it! And while I satisfy my childish needs I leave […]


See You Later Alligator

Here are the pictures of my trip outside Miami to the EverGlades, the swampy area where gators, turtles, giant todd, scorpions and other bizarre fauna resides.Would you believe me if I told you that I was even brave enough to hold a 3 year old crocodile in my arms to take a picture? Once arrived, you get on the first […]


Night In Miami

I admit it, I fell in love for the second time. The first one was with New York, as you have heard me say countless times already. I know, I might repeat things too often sometimes but that’s just me: the more I like something, the more I talk about it. Good thing I try to do it differently at […]

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