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Black Velvet Ribbon

This morning I thought, “let’s create a simple look but with something more to it” so I took out from my closet my adorable yellow coat, a velvet black ribbon, a pair socks and maxi chandelier earrings… but there was still something missing… I turned  and scanned every inch of my apartment and there it is, my black flower headband… […]


Sunset Over The City

After a while I finally managed to find the time to go to my hairdresser! I usually try to postpone it as much as I can because – and I know that I’m a little bit anormal here – it’s something I really don’t wanna do! Of course the feeling “after” that is amazing but everytime I get so bored […]


Last Day Of NYFW

Good Monday to everyone! Today is the President Day and my weekend has been extended by a one more day! Wow! With this post I will tell you about my last day of Fashion Week in New York. The first fashion show was Whitney Eve: “Run the World” of Beyonce is started at the beginning of the show and suddenly […]


NYFW: Street Style

How is the weekend going? Mine in completely relax: pajamas, relax and movies. Fashion Week was over and I thought to make a post with the Street Style I like the most, hope you like these pictures as I do! Happy Sunday and see you on Monday with the look I wore for the last day of fashion shows. Come […]


NYFW 4th Day

First fashion show of the day was Jenny Packham. Many of you probably remember this designer from an episode in this last Gossip Girl season where the brand was basically the protagonist of a whole episode. Her style perfectly matches what my tastes are: elegant lines and very feminine enriched by diamonds, beads and embroideries. The dresses Serena and Blair […]

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