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Welcome To Disneyland!

Sometimes all I can wish for is to coming back to be a child again. No worries on my mind, and having always somebody there who’s willing to take care of me…but eventually we grow up, we become adults and everything gets more complicated. I often see children on the street and I can’t help but wonder how my childhood […]


Snow White Got Lost in Central Park

After a Saturday spent home while the snow storm was taking over the city outside, this sunday morning we went out for a walk at Central Park to enjoy the snow that covered the whole city at once! Kids with slits and people even skiing around the park, isn’t that crazy? New York never fails to surprise me! And maybe […]


Take a Deep Breath and Start Again

Lately I felt my inspiration in creating looks was fading away. Like all of a sudden all my creativity went on vacation without even warning me first. That’s why by looking at some of the latest looks I showed you in my last posts I couldn’t help but thinking I could have matched some of those clothes in a less […]


Washing Sadness Away

Today’s look is the first outfit I wore when I came back in New York after my 10 days spent in Italy with my whole family. As you can imagine, even though I was extremely happy to come back “home”, I was a little bit melancoly to leave my friends and my family again. But when I got off the […]


New York City: Guida Per l’Uso

Ricevo ogni giorno tantissime vostre email dove mi chiedete come sia vivere a New York, come ho preso questa decisione e vari suggerimenti per trovare lavoro, casa e per quanto riguarda i visti, la carta verde e molto altro. Ho deciso cosi di scrivere questo post dove cercherò di rispondere a tutte le vostre domande con consigli utili soddisfando cosi […]

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