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An Evening In Soho For Fragments

This wednesday I have been invited by Fragments, one of the most important brand for jewellery here in NYC, as a blogger guest for their collection presentation inside their splendid showroom in Soho. My addiction to accessories has become chronic by now and the Fragments collection instantly conquered me. The event was organized in perfect Halloween style: with sweets of […]


Autumn In New York

I think New York, in this time of the year shines in all of its beauty… Fall colours, dry leaves, Centrak Park an the perfect weather to enjoy the city… Eventhough I have to admit in the winter it’s really suggestive…Well, my opinion doesn’t count anyway because I love this city even the 15th of August!! I took this pictures […]


Fashiolista Giveaway Winner + Shopping Pics

Here I am just back  home after an exhausting but very satisfying week end shopping session! I don’t know if my wallet was the one to suffer more or if my boyfriend…now that I think about it probably my boyfriend, because today I played the good girl and let my “economic resources” relax for a while. Said by me doesn’t […]


Safari In The City

Here is finally a look without killer heels! But to be honest I didn’t miss them at all. In fact my feet got to have a little rest for once and also I was so into my new pair of shoes that the thought of having left plateau and heels inside my closet didn’t even come to my mind for […]


A Sequined Night

As I promised here are the shots from the look I created for the Randi Rahm event on friday night. I hpe you like them but most of all I hope you’ll like my look, because this time I owe it all to my boyfriend, since he convinced me to buy the skirt you see. At first I cut short […]

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