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Accessories Are Never Enough

Accessories, accessories, accessories…if ti were for me I would exclusively buy just them! Extravagant, classic, fun, I mean, any kind is good! I’m much more for “adding something” than “taking off” something when it comes to creating a look. And with the right accessories any outfit earns more points! Useless to say, fall is approaching and with it even the […]


Violet In The Rain

Okay, maybe it was dumb to consider myself safe since I survived the earthquake just a 2 days ago but hey, I really wasn’t prepared for this IRENE hurricane which is going to hit NYC this Sunday…I mean c’mon!!! Actually I’m starting to think they are conspiring against me out there! I mean, I can stand natural catastrophes but stores […]


Hood Girl

Here is an outfit a bit street style. NYC offers a huge of amount of daily inspiration…so why resist her? I have been noticing a lot girls wearing scarfs like turbants or headbands lately and so the next logical step was to try it myself! On the contrary my boyfriend was not that happy when he realized the inquired scarf […]


New York Details: Pop Corns, Superstions, Plastic Bottles & Parties

Here are some of the hottest curiosities from the big apple! Shall we start? Ecco alcune curiosità più o meno piccanti dalla grande mela! Iniziamo? Here in America people are very superstitious. In fact since the number 13 is considered to bring bad luck, it is literally impossible to find a building which has the 13th floor! No skyscraper nor […]


A Special Day In Williamsburg

Just a 10 minute train ride from Manhattan is Williamsburg, the most fancy area in  Brooklyn. Young people, skaters, artists, painters, musicians, these are just some of the people who live here and populate this edgy neighborhood full of many kind of vintage shops at almost every corner. It is here that I was invited by Bendlends, a new clothing […]

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