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A Green Bag In Manhattan

I swear: If I don’t get crazy this week then it means my zen conscience is really getting stronger here in New York!! After a devastating moving I happily received the wonderful news, I won’t have Internet until the 8th of July when the guy will finally come to install it in our new apartment. Can you imagine what this […]


A Pois Cupcake

Here I am! After hours long assemblies of Ikea furniture, trips from the Upper West to the Upper East Side with a million packages, bags, and luggages of any kind and never ending cleaning sessions in our new apartment, I finally got possessions of all my clothes and accessories once again! Yeah that’s right, becuase up until today I only […]


New York Rocks!

Coconut or apricot scented cream? Cherry blossoms or Mango and Peach hand soap? These existensial questions have kept me for more than 30 minutes completely undecided and locked up inside Bath and Body Works, the realm of all shampoos, perfumes, body creams, where obviously I couldn’t help but getting sucked into with Mattia on the edge of suiciding himself when […]


Feels Like I’m Back Home

I just got back home from a long long day at Ikea (I arrived there at lunch time :S)….and as you can imagine I’m destroyed, however, I won’t let you down and so here is the post for today! These are pictures who have been stored in my hardisk for far too long now, and since I really love this […]


From Central Park With Love ♥

This post is for my friend Martina, who’s been asking me to take some pictures in Central Park from the very first moment I came to NYC, and I think this is one of the most beautiful places of all! in faxct from this big elevated stone you can see the tall skyscrapers of the 5th avenue and Columbus Circle. […]

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