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The Italian Girl In New York City

I’m writing you directly from NYC!!! I have been here for 3 days already but I barely stayed home these days! In fact I played the perfect tourist, hanging around the city, going to shop everywhere and eating american food whenever I was hungry!  What you see in this post are all purchases I made while I was here, the […]


Goodbye Rome

Here I am!! Finally arrived to NYC!! After a big fight with my luggage (it was a tough one you know but in the end I came out of it victorious!) saying goodbye to my dear friends and family and the long long long 9 hour flight I finally arrived in the big apple! Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time […]


Red Instinct

Hello Girlz! I’m so excited I can’t even contain myself! I would really like to share with you a dream that’s about to become a reality but the truth is I’m too superstitiousto do it :S You will still have to wait a few days longer!! This project, which does not have anything to do with the blog, but it’s […]


A Bow On My Hair & Dots On My Skirt

Today when I woke up the first thing on my mind was: I want to buy something green, dunno exactly what, but it’s got to be green”, and so, when this afternoon I walked past a shop with a window filled completely of green clothes I figured it was destiny calling me…I stepped in full of hopes and guess what? […]



What’s up guys! You really have to forgive me for my long absence but I’ve been tremendously busy in the last few days…in fact I’m about to take a big step in my life and organizing everything took much more time than I expected…but I’ll talk to you about this very very soon! (As if that wasn’t enough, blogger stopped […]

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