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La Beauté Antique

A look a bit eccentric with a strong bon ton influence, one of the styles I adore the most and that best represents me. The ingredients are a lace cream skirt, a light pink puffy sleeved t-shirt (unfortunately you can barely see it’s pink on the pics I know :P) high cream socks and a big hat and shoes with […]


Friends Will Be Friends

Me and my best friend Bianca have known each other for more than 15 years now but would you believe me if I told you that I don’t have almost any pictures of me and her?! That’s why when I was contacted by a photographer for a shooting I though that doing it together would have been much more fun! […]


Kids Do It Better!

I dunno if it ever happens to you to jump into the past every once in a while by readind some of your old diaries, by looking at some old pictures or maybe by visiting some of the places you used to go to where you where just a kid. Yesterday afternoon I found myself walking in the park where […]


Orange & Grape + Giveaway Winner

It’s official, orange and its salmon pink variant apart from all of the windows of any store around have also conquered my closet! I started with a basic t-shirt but the thing got immediately out of control!!! I already did a combination together with electric blue HERE and this time I decided I’d go with violet although the accessories I […]


The City From Above

Skinny jeans or bell bottom ones? Obviously bell bottoms if you ask me! I really love this very kind of pants so femminine and elegant…and with my great pleasure I’m very happy to announce they officially came back to be part of our wardrobes! During the Milan Fashion Week Armani used them throughout all of his collection, even with some […]

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