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A Red B-day


Last Tuesday I celebrated my fourth birthday in New York City. Yup… I am getting older and it’s actually a lot of fun: nobody asks for my ID when I go out, I am independent, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and… ah!!! Stop lying to yourself…

Bombs Away


New York has got so cold in the last couple of days it’s unbelievable. That’s why I decided to wear this military-style outfit with a pair of CAT high boots which will accompany you in each and every one of your “daily battles”…mine as you already probably figured, is against…

The Boyfriend Jeans


Boyfriends jeans are a must-have but the ones I am wearing today, from Silver Jeans, are a very special. The model is called Joga and it feels like wearig sweatpants… soft and warm they are just perfect to fight NYC’s cold. I matched them with a multicolored scarf from La…

Fluent In Fashion


Here is the last model from my Connected Collection in collaboration with the Canadian online store Eluxe.Ca. “Fluent In Fashion”: because Fashion speaks its own language right? It has its own verbs, nouns and adjectives! And what about you? Are you fluent in Fashion? P.S. News about this collection coming…

Giftry Giveaway


The holiday season is about to begin so what’s better than a brand new Giveaway in collaboration with Giftry on my blog? I already told you about Giftry on my blog a few weeks ago HERE. Click on THIS LINKĀ  you will enter the Giveaway where Giftry will purchase the…