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Ariel, Belle, Jasmine & Me


These pictures were taken during a roman afternoon spent with one of my oldest friends who is also an amazing photographer. The look has a summery feel in which I am wearing my favorite model from the collection I designed for the online Canadian store E-Luxe. I decided to use the names…

Let Her Go


 ♫ Well you only need the light when it’s burning lowOnly miss the sun when it starts to snowOnly know you love her when you let her go ♫ ♫Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling lowOnly hate the road when you’re missin’ homeOnly know you love her when you let her…

Baby One More Time


I believe the pleated skirt is one of my favorite garments: easy and practical to wear especially if matched with a white man shirt. In the photo you will see maxi bags and super comfy sneakers. The ones in these pictures are a model from the Taylor Swift collection for…

Azalea Spirit


I received this dress from Yoana Baraschi when I still was in Italy and as soon as I came back to New York I immediately found the perfect occasion to wear it: a party in downtown with my friends. I matched it with one of my favorite scarfs an a…

Pink Windows


I can’t believe I can still go out bare legs in New York and it’s October! This look was shot some weeks ago, while I was overexcited for doing some shopping around the many stores of the city, so, I thought to include some of my “damages” in the pictures! The…